about anita (spoiler warning)

Known names: Anita
First appearance: 46th Night (chapter 46) of the D.Gray-man manga by Katsura Hoshino
Anime seiyuu: Takayama Minami.
Occupation: Mistress of a brothel in China
Loyal assistant: Mahoja

Allen Walker and company meet Anita when they finally reach China on their search for General Cross. It turns out that she and her crew are supporters of the Black Order. She is distraught over General Cross' supposed death at sea, and agrees to help search for him by putting her ship and crew at the Exorcists' disposal. Her mother had been in love with General Cross and it appears that she is as well. She is beautiful and strong, and shows her mettle many times throughout their perilous sea journey. After losing Allen Walker, the mixed Exorcist and supporter crew carries on toward Edo aboard her ship. Although their fate seems grim, Anita and her crew bravely fight the akuma alongside the Exorcists in the hope that the Exorcists may one day defeat the Earl once and for all. All of them sacrifice their lives in the end, including Anita and her loyal comrade, Mahoja. One of the saddest scenes in the series (in my opinion) is when Anita and her crew wait for Miranda to release the ship from her Time Record, knowing that the moment time comes back the akuma poison would finally take effect and their lives would be spent. Lenalee has a particularly difficult time accepting the loss of their new friends, but Anita bravely keeps a calm attitude to help Lenalee cope. Anita's last thoughts as the akuma poison took her were of General Cross and her wish to be a fine woman he and her mother would approve of.

After watching Anita and Mahoja disappear with their stricken crew, Lenalee and the Exorcists promise that they will surely win the fight.