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Series Background
The series D.Gray-man takes place in a fictional version of 19th century Europe, and it follows the story of Allen Walker and his friends. The world is under attack by sinister beings known as akuma, servants of the Millennium Earl and his family. Allen joins a special organization known as the Black Order to help people known as exorcists fight the Earl and prevent the destruction of the world. The exorcists are those who possess a unique material known as Innocence that gives them special powers to fight akuma. Allen and the other exorcists must fight akuma while searching for more Innocence in order to keep the Earl from getting it and give more people a chance to become exorcists. The manga is classified as a gothic action Shounen series. There is also an anime adaptation of the series. For more detailed information, I suggest reading the Wikipedia article.

Allen Walker
Allen Walker is the main character of D.Gray-man. His Innocence is a parasitic-type in the shape of a cross embedded in his left hand from birth. Parasitic-type Innocence is the rarest kind. It can take on different characteristics according to the host's wishes, but it uses a great deal of energy. Hosts can compensate for this by eating more than the average person. Allen's Innocence takes on a variety of forms throughout the series, but I don't want to spoil anyone by telling what they all are. :) The basic form is that of a large claw-like arm used in basic physical attacks against akuma.

I chose the name "Sigil" for this fanlisting because I felt that several of the meanings of the world were a reflection of what Allen's Innocence is. A sigil is another word for a seal or signet ring, which is a mark unique to one person. A sigil is also a type of symbol used for magic spells, particularly of invocation, similar to the way in which Allen invokes the power of the Innocence when he calls upon his weapon. Another part of the meaning is the use of a sigil to call upon angels or demons. I felt that this related to the way Innocence is referred to as being a weapon of God used to call upon God's power in order to defeat enemies of God. (Sources: Wikipedia.)

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